About Us

     Welcome to the website of Pulickal Brothers, purveyors of fine Syrian Orthodox vestments and altar adornments. Established in 1915, Pulickal Brothers has created one of the finest contemporary and traditional collections of vestments for Syrian Orthodox Churches. Owned and operated by Thomas Pulickal and based in India, customers will find Pulickal Brothers vestments are unique in both artistic designs and quality of craftsmanship. These outstanding original designs are hand-embroidered, appliqu├ęd and handwoven on canvases thus elevating vesture to an art form. We produce a wide range of liturgical vestments for bishops, priests and deacons. In our growing line of products, you will find high quality clerical and monastic garments as well. Additionally, we produce beautiful church goods such as cope set, curtains, altar cloths, and bible stand cloths. All products can be customised at the request of customers. Please specify colour and measurement as desired. Also, the customer can suggest any alterations to the item selected such as a change in design patterns, border details, etc. There is no additional charge for minor changes. We also welcome customised designs and materials from our patrons. Cost for significant changes are based on individual requests. Please contact us with any inquiry as to the cost for your specific order. For a detailed description of our vestments kindly visit Syriac Orthodox Resources site to see more photographs of similar products we make. Delivery of our products will be completed within 25 to 60 days depending on the product category.